New workshop: Sunset at Kamloops Lake

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Saturday, June 28th.  Sunset at Kamloops Lake.

Join me at an iconic location over Kamloops Lake this June for sunset photography.  We’ll be meeting in the early evening, DSC_5831 blogdiscussing techniques, vantage points, equipment choices, filters and more, and then executing everything during magic hour.

This is one you don’t want to miss!  Cost is $90.  ‘Camera Basics and Foundational Photography’ a necessity.  Tripods are needed as we’ll be working with longer shutter speeds.

Sunday date may also be added.



2014 Kamloops and Area Photography workshops

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2013 proved to be a very successful and enjoyable year on the Kamloops workshop front.  With the help of Tourism Kamloops almost every date was sold out.  There are additions for 2014, as well as an extra date for the most popular workshops.  Bookings are solidified with full payment before the workshop date, (either post-dated cheques, dated 30 days prior to that particular workshop, or with EMT or email money transfer) Bookings are first come, first serve. Please get back to me with any questions, I’ll be happy to help.  You can reach me at or 250.320.4055

Camera Basics & Foundational Photography (beginner/novice) Floating dates:

Regarding my current lineup of workshops, I get asked a lot whether students need to take the in depth ‘Camera Basics’ course that concentrates on foundational and fundamental principles of DSLR photography.  This workshop DSC_7253 copyhas proved to be invaluable for participants who wish to take other workshops, so I’ve made it mandatory for all other workshops.  Topics covered will include:  Exposure modes (working in manual or M mode), understanding the importance of your histogram, creative control with depth of field, focus modes and focal cursor selections, composition, lighting, white balance, file size and raw format,  filters and more.

Class dates will be floating.  Classes will be continual, based on demand.  Minimum of 4 required with a maximum of 8.  Duration will be approx. 4 hours and takes place at TRU on Sunday mornings.  Cost is $90, taxes included.  Discount for group bookings of 4 or more.

If you’d like to be able to understand your camera and its functions, and take the frustration out of photography this will be a great introduction for you.

Sat April 12 and Sunday April 13, 2013 (same material)  Magic of water (novice/intermediate): DSC_7514 funk

Join Kelly for an in depth look at how to photograph water in its many facets.  From the correct aperture and exposure, perfect histograms, balanced composition, simplicity and strength in an image, to what it takes to give water the soft, silky look; you’ll find all the answers.  This is a beginner to intermediate workshop catering to DSLR cameras of all brands.  Point and shoot cameras are also welcome but are limited in their capacity. Both workshops will start at 0800 and finish at 1200 hours.  Cost including taxes is $90.00.  Location to be determined.  Tripod needed.  8 participants max. each day. Contact Kelly to book. *This is a beginner to intermediate course.  Both days are the same course.  ‘Camera Basics and Foundational Photography’ workshop is a prerequisite.  Cost is $90 (taxes included)

Sunday, April 27, 2014 – Using On Camera Flash (novice/intermediate):DSC_0022-funk

Using on camera flash properly can drastically increase the impact and strength of your images.  Whether it be people, interiors, or even landscape foregrounds this method has merit!  Let me show you the best techniques and tips during this 4 hour workshop.  Speedlights are not a necessity, but do allow for more options.  Topics covered: Balanced exposure, adjusting flash intensity, directional flash, off camera options, close up work, ratios and more.  This is an intermediate workshop.  ‘Camera Basics and Foundational Photography’ is a prerequisite.  Cost, $90 (taxes included)

Sat May 10 and Sunday May 11, 2014 (same material) – Basic portraiture (intermediate/expert)

This year I’ve added another day (same material) to accommodate participants for this popular workshop.DSC_5165 copy

If you’re looking for ways to improve your portrait skills, this is the course for you.  Kelly will concentrate on methods and approaches that will help you make your subjects stand out, whether it is family, friends or even group images.  This 4-hour course will focus on image simplicity, artificial lighting (including pop up flash or speedlights), working with your subject or subjects and depth of field for isolation and composition.  Cost, including taxes is $90.00.  8 participants maximum.  Contact Kelly to book.  *This is an intermediate course.  ‘Camera Basics and Foundational Photography’ is a prerequisite.  Start time and locale TBD.  Cost, $90 (taxes included)

Sunday May 25, 2014 – Spring flowers (novice/intermediate):DSC_2881a-funk

Flowers are in abundance in the spring around Kamloops.  Let Kelly take you on a photographic journey to capture the essence of this colorful time of year.  You’ll learn about the perfect exposure, strong composition and balance, light control, story-telling using depth of field and placement and that simple is most always stronger in your display.  Start times are 0800 and finish at 1200.  A second day (Saturday) may be added depending on demand.  Tripod needed.  8 participants max. Contact Kelly to book.  Location:  Lac du bois.  ‘Camera Basics and Foundational Photography’ is a prerequisite.  Cost, $90 (taxes included)

Sunday, June 8 – Advanced Portraiture (advanced/expert):DSC_6407 copy

This year I’ll be going deeper into the techniques and what it takes to create stellar portraits on locale.  The ‘Basic Portraiture’ workshop is not a necessity but is recommended as this is an advanced to expert workshop.  I’ll be working with speedlights in a beautiful environmental setting, utilizing an activity based model shoot at dusk/night. We’ll be focusing on working with models, light balance, composition and overall impact. If you’re serious about improving your skills don’t miss this one!  Cost, $110 (taxes included)

Sunday June 22, 2014 – Macro (close up) workshop (novice/intermediate):DSC_1500-funk

Macro or close-up photography can be extremely rewarding and fun!  It can also be frustrating at times, dealing with intricate focusing issues, moving subjects, composition and light control.

I’ve designed a new workshop to help you deal with these characteristics and produce stunning close up imagery.

The workshop will be held at TRU in the garden area and be 4 hours in length at the usual cost of $90 (tax included).  You don’t need a macro lens but if you do, great!  You will also need a tripod as the focusing becomes extremely intimate with very little depth of field and finite compositions.  ‘Camera Basics and Foundational Photography’ is a prerequisite.

Join me for a fun filled 4 hours!  Cost, $90 (taxes included)

Sunday, Aug 24, 2014 – Dusk and Evening Urban Landscapes (advanced/expert):DSC_7720 copy

Join me for this dynamic and fast paced workshop, starting with overviews of our beautiful city at dusk and then moving to the downtown core for long exposures and urban scenes.  We’ll finish at TRU with night time architecture.  Please note, this is a late evening workshop, being held on Sunday for safety reasons.  Cost is $90 (taxes included)  ‘Camera Basics and Foundational Photography’ is a prerequisite.  Tripods are needed!

Sunday Oct 05, 2014 – Fall Colors and Large Skies (novice/advanced):

Autumn is an extremely beautiful time of year in the Thompson Okanagan and Kamloops area that needs to be DSC_7601 copyphotographed and showcased.  Kelly will lead you to an area that holds all the elements to allow you to learn what it takes to bring home amazing images.  These workshops will take place in Lac du bois, above Batchelor added a second day to accommodate participants both locally and out of town.  Time to be determined.  Cost, including taxes is $90.00.  Tripod needed.  8 participants max. each day.  Contact Kelly to book.  *This is a beginner to intermediate course.  ‘Camera Basics and Foundational Photography’ is a prerequisite.

Cost, $90 (taxes included)

Kamoops and Area Print Series – Home and Business

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I’m happy to announce a new print series specific to the Kamloops area, for the home and office. These high quality images can be ordered on traditional satin paper or as a mounted canvas ready to hang. Basic sizes are listed below, but please note that custom sizes are also available upon request. Traditional prints can be ordered with a digital border at no extra charge (as shown). Canvas prints come mounted on Candian Basswood and Candian canvas. Call 250.320.4055 or email for size specific pricing.

PRINTS – There are two image formats to order:  ‘Traditional’ –  12 x 8, 18 x 12, 24 x 16, 30 x 20, 36 x 24, 42 x 28, 48 x 32″

OR ‘Panoramic’ sizes:  – 24 x 12, 36 x 18, 40 x 20, 48 x 24″ (examples shown are in panoramic format, and can be ordered in traditional sizing).

Funk North Shore Funk Kam Tranquille Funk Kam sunrise Funk Kam Overlander Funk Two Rivers Funk Kam winter Funk Edith lake Funk Kam night Funk East pano Funk Kam lake Funk Kam Lk West Funk Lac du Bois          

Ballerinas – a photographic journey (16)

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DSC_8999 funkI have to be careful when I’m working with people on the street..for obvious reasons  😮 This locale provided the safety aspect as it’s at a 3-way stop, making for slow traffic.  This day, however proved to be challenging in that we were shooting around 5:00; just when people were leaving work in droves, wanting to make it home or to the pub for happy hour.

So, after getting the desired technical aspects correct:  Lighting, composition, positioning and posing we were ready to shoot…but were we?  I think we made about 12 trips out to the cross walk and quickly back again as traffic flow got stronger and stronger.  Add to that people slowing down to see exactly what the heck’s going on in downtown Kamloops with a girl in a tutu!

Clare, from Kelowna, a very gifted young dancer was in town for the Kamloops Festival of Performing Arts, and I was lucky enough to be able to work with her for about an hour or so.  We had discussed this pose earlier and I felt it worked very well and would dominate a street scene that in comparison was quite drab in its late winter state.

Ballerinas – a photographic journey (15)

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I’ve been heavily influenced by iconic photographer Joe Mcnally.  His use of light is masterful, the way his personable nature gets hisDSC_8821 funk subjects involved is inspiring and his overall execution is flawless.  This latest installment of my Ballerina series hopefully captures some of these attributes.

I had been eyeing this locale in my hometown of Kamloops for a long time and with winter losing its’ grip I was able to consider executing it.  As usual I scouted the day before and found a mess!  The walkway was covered in winter gravel.  Do I wait??  Heck no.  I was at the shoot an hour before my dancer showed up with a push broom and spent about 40 minutes cleaning 75 metres of concrete…hey, it’s what needed to be done.  I’m sure the public thought I was doing community work service for breaking & entering, but I just smiled and chatted with anyone willing to stop.

We had discussed clothing and found the perfect dress, one that lent itself extremely well to a dusk/night shoot in that it ‘expanded’ to catch the light with the poses we wanted to do.

DSC_8724 funkThe dancer, Hailey from a local dance studio, was just what I was looking for:  Awesome attitude, hard worker, physically and technically gifted and not a peep about it being just above freezing!

With it nearly completely dark, the only available light was the walkway lamps.  Any other artificial lighting would have been moot due to the lack of space, and it wasn’t something I wanted to add to the mix.

With my amazing Nikon D3s at a ridiculous ISO and 9 frames a second  I was able to capture Hailey in sharp detail at 1/200 sec at the pinnacle of each pose.


Ballerinas – a photographic journey (14)

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With winter approaching, and work now giving me some time to build on the Ballerina Series, I was keyed up to create a concept thatDSC_7546 Funk I had envisioned for quite some time.  Let me get this out there right away: I don’t like winter! I find it suffocating and drawn out…BUT, it does provide me with very unique settings to carry out this series.

Before we got caught in the throws of the white nastiness I wanted to showcase a dancer with a virtual ‘way out’, an escape of winter into whatever world or climate that the viewer imagined.

I had envisioned a pose similar to the one above and I knew immediately that a free flow pose in this ‘take off’ state worked perfectly.  The dancer now had two ways out: To fly or to take the road, either was at her disposal.  This was the main image that I was focused on as it held the dual meaning so well.  The dancer (Morgan) and I agreed though that the area was so cool we wanted to try something else.  The second shot turned out to be a more spontaneous execution, which I was super excited about.  I had brought the luggage but with something entirely different in mind.  The outcome surpassed my expectations!

Until the next Ballerina post!  Cheers, KellyDSC_7559 funk

Kelly Funk – Real estate photography in Kamloops

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It should come as no surprise that real estate, whether it be homes, condos, apartments or commercial properties sell better with imagery.  In short, buyers need a starting point to determine if they’re interested.




Good imagery gets more leads; it’s as simple as that.  I’ve dedicated my work to providing high end material with an emotive quality that captures people’s attention. 

In the competitive world of real estate, having impactful images to accompany a listing is the only way the property will get a second glance.

I also understand profit margins, and for that reason I’ve developed price points that are affordable for the agents.  Whether it be a starter home, or a multi-million dollar commercial property I’m able to work with the seller’s budget.

With 12 years experience in the profession I understand what sells.  Let me help you make it easy to move listings.

t: 250.377.4054   :250.320.4055

Ballerinas – a photographic journey (13)

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We’d spent quite a bit of time already in this magical area just outside of Kamloops BC and taken some great images but I wanted something a bit more intimate to capture not only the ruggedness of the landscape, but also how something or someone looks instantly predatory in it.  So, we created a pose with an intense look and a ballet dancer ready to spring from its lofty perspective.

We were both feeling a bit worn by this time but I have to hand it to the dancer, Morgan for giving it everything in this difficult position.  We left shortly after this and she could hardly walk down the steep slope due to her cramping quad muscle!

Bottom line though, you have to put in work to get results..

Dancer:  Morgan   Location:  Kamloops, BC

copyright 2012 Kelly Funk.  For more on the Ballerina series go to

Ballerinas – a photographic journey (12)

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Living in the Thompson Okanagan region of British Columbia is fantastic; the most sunshine in all of Canada, stunning late fall and early spring days, and very unique topography for those willing to put in the effort to find it…I am.

I had been up here earlier in the day because it’d been a year or so since I’d visited these hoodoos just outside of Kamloops.  I found this funky locale that I wanted the dancer to use as not only an element of her pose but also have her mimic the statuesque form of the rock formation.  It’s a bit of a hike but Morgan was  a trooper.  We agreed on the white outfit and pink pointe shoes as a contrast to the landscape and tried a few different angles and poses before finalizing this one.

When I work on the series it’s extremely important that the dancers love the pose and the final results, and I won’t move forward until we both feel we nailed the concept.

Dancer:  Morgan     Location:  Kamloops, BC

To see more of the series go to –   Cheers, Kelly

Copyright 2012 Kelly Funk, all rights reserved

Ballerinas – a photographic journey (11)

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I had been to this location on numerous occasions: Hiking, working and playing.  It’s a place that I hold in great reverence so when I envisioned this locale coupled with the Ballerina series, well, let’s just say it was more than a little exciting.

The weather had been spotty at best a week before the shoot, and as the coordination for the shoot brought us closer things started to shape up our way.  The weather gods had given us a 24 hour window, but would it hold out?  The answer was a resounding yes.  Shoot day turned out to be awesome and as I sit here at my desk a mere 24 hours later, the rain is bouncing off the road…I love it when a plan comes together 🙂

Scouting the location the day before proved invaluable…again!  I love to scout, for me it creates a much stronger product and allows me to be more creative not having to run around like the proverbial headless chicken.

The dancer I worked with, Morgan, as she always does, came with a work ethic that would rival anyone and we both put in maximum effort until we were both satisfied with the results.  I’ll be showing more of this shoot in the next entry so stay tuned!

Dancer – Morgan.  Location – Kamloops, BC.  See more of the series at

copyright 2012 Kelly Funk.  All rights reserved