Ballerinas – a photographic journey (10)

The weather had been quite bad lately with some bitter temperatures and then some of the white stuff, so co-producer Qassandra Bachand (McIntyre) and I decided to do some serious scouting for a funky, no pun intended 🙂 locale.  We really had no concept in mind, which is strange for both of us, but we thought the location would then dictate the pose and the clothing.

If you don’t live in Kamloops, our university, Thompson Rivers U has some fantastic architecture and quite a bit of diversity with the ever expanding campus.  We also have to consider access, legalities and the ever present threat of getting our asses kicked out of some places which made TRU even more desirable, as the security there are very nice.

We were running out of places to visit though when Qassandra went around a corner and stood there smiling, waiting for me.  We both loved the strength and simplicity, and even the industrial feel of the staircase.  So, as they say the rest is history and another image for the series is in the books!  I have to give extra kudos to Q and Morgan our dancer tonight as well as I had some not so great news before the shoot and wasn’t my usual self…ah life!

Co-producer; choreographer Qassandra Bachand (McIntyre)

Dancer:  Morgan


~ by Kelly Funk Photography on January 25, 2012.

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