Images with Impact: Get your Business Noticed!

Impact.  Emotional response.  Visual recall.  Contact.  That’s the order in which imagery for your business should work.  In order to gain new clients and customers and hold on to the existing ones in today’s market place, advertising and marketing imagery has to grab one’s attention and simply not let go.  That comes with exciting, cutting edge visual concepts revolving around impactful imagery.

Stong, clean imagery that garners significant attention and affects the bottom line for businesses has clearly been established.  Your clients may not understand what captivates them and subsequently motivates them to seek your business, but at least part of the equation is fantastic lighting.   Simply put it’s the WOW factor.  Whether we’re talking about a line of products, a headshot or situational portrait, an industrial setting, or a retail space, great lighting is imperative to attract and retain clientele.

The bottom line here is that experienced pros know this; they know what makes a strong image, how it’s perceived and more importantly how to execute.

Of course there are other elements that go into strong promotional imagery: Good vision from the photographer/advertising agency, and a willingness to work in a cooperative effort with the business owner, time management, adaptability and of course an easy-going nature on the job!  Don’t discount that last one, it’s important.  The whole process of creating a strong product should be enjoyable, not something that a marketing manager or business owner tolerates while a cocky photographer tries to convince you they’re the greatest thing since sliced bread!

Look for a photographer with not a good rep, but a great one, someone who cares about producing top quality imagery within an affordable budget; and yes, they’re out there!  Of course technical ability is important, but in all honesty if you’re making a living with photography, technical skills should be second nature.  Look at their body of work, there should be a consistent model of strong, simple, impactful imagery that will help your business either get established or continue to grow and flourish.

Cheers! Kelly


~ by Kelly Funk Photography on February 29, 2012.

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