Ballerinas – a photographic journey (15)

I’ve been heavily influenced by iconic photographer Joe Mcnally.  His use of light is masterful, the way his personable nature gets hisDSC_8821 funk subjects involved is inspiring and his overall execution is flawless.  This latest installment of my Ballerina series hopefully captures some of these attributes.

I had been eyeing this locale in my hometown of Kamloops for a long time and with winter losing its’ grip I was able to consider executing it.  As usual I scouted the day before and found a mess!  The walkway was covered in winter gravel.  Do I wait??  Heck no.  I was at the shoot an hour before my dancer showed up with a push broom and spent about 40 minutes cleaning 75 metres of concrete…hey, it’s what needed to be done.  I’m sure the public thought I was doing community work service for breaking & entering, but I just smiled and chatted with anyone willing to stop.

We had discussed clothing and found the perfect dress, one that lent itself extremely well to a dusk/night shoot in that it ‘expanded’ to catch the light with the poses we wanted to do.

DSC_8724 funkThe dancer, Hailey from a local dance studio, was just what I was looking for:  Awesome attitude, hard worker, physically and technically gifted and not a peep about it being just above freezing!

With it nearly completely dark, the only available light was the walkway lamps.  Any other artificial lighting would have been moot due to the lack of space, and it wasn’t something I wanted to add to the mix.

With my amazing Nikon D3s at a ridiculous ISO and 9 frames a second  I was able to capture Hailey in sharp detail at 1/200 sec at the pinnacle of each pose.



~ by Kelly Funk Photography on February 18, 2013.

One Response to “Ballerinas – a photographic journey (15)”

  1. A greatly explained write up with super humor and a most special
    and elegant dancer captured at the perfect moment.

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