Ballerinas – a photographic journey (16)

DSC_8999 funkI have to be careful when I’m working with people on the street..for obvious reasons  😮 This locale provided the safety aspect as it’s at a 3-way stop, making for slow traffic.  This day, however proved to be challenging in that we were shooting around 5:00; just when people were leaving work in droves, wanting to make it home or to the pub for happy hour.

So, after getting the desired technical aspects correct:  Lighting, composition, positioning and posing we were ready to shoot…but were we?  I think we made about 12 trips out to the cross walk and quickly back again as traffic flow got stronger and stronger.  Add to that people slowing down to see exactly what the heck’s going on in downtown Kamloops with a girl in a tutu!

Clare, from Kelowna, a very gifted young dancer was in town for the Kamloops Festival of Performing Arts, and I was lucky enough to be able to work with her for about an hour or so.  We had discussed this pose earlier and I felt it worked very well and would dominate a street scene that in comparison was quite drab in its late winter state.


~ by Kelly Funk Photography on March 10, 2013.

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