2014 Kamloops and Area Photography workshops

2013 proved to be a very successful and enjoyable year on the Kamloops workshop front.  With the help of Tourism Kamloops almost every date was sold out.  There are additions for 2014, as well as an extra date for the most popular workshops.  Bookings are solidified with full payment before the workshop date, (either post-dated cheques, dated 30 days prior to that particular workshop, or with EMT or email money transfer) Bookings are first come, first serve. Please get back to me with any questions, I’ll be happy to help.  You can reach me at kfunk@telus.net or 250.320.4055

Camera Basics & Foundational Photography (beginner/novice) Floating dates:

Regarding my current lineup of workshops, I get asked a lot whether students need to take the in depth ‘Camera Basics’ course that concentrates on foundational and fundamental principles of DSLR photography.  This workshop DSC_7253 copyhas proved to be invaluable for participants who wish to take other workshops, so I’ve made it mandatory for all other workshops.  Topics covered will include:  Exposure modes (working in manual or M mode), understanding the importance of your histogram, creative control with depth of field, focus modes and focal cursor selections, composition, lighting, white balance, file size and raw format,  filters and more.

Class dates will be floating.  Classes will be continual, based on demand.  Minimum of 4 required with a maximum of 8.  Duration will be approx. 4 hours and takes place at TRU on Sunday mornings.  Cost is $90, taxes included.  Discount for group bookings of 4 or more.

If you’d like to be able to understand your camera and its functions, and take the frustration out of photography this will be a great introduction for you.

Sat April 12 and Sunday April 13, 2013 (same material)  Magic of water (novice/intermediate): DSC_7514 funk

Join Kelly for an in depth look at how to photograph water in its many facets.  From the correct aperture and exposure, perfect histograms, balanced composition, simplicity and strength in an image, to what it takes to give water the soft, silky look; you’ll find all the answers.  This is a beginner to intermediate workshop catering to DSLR cameras of all brands.  Point and shoot cameras are also welcome but are limited in their capacity. Both workshops will start at 0800 and finish at 1200 hours.  Cost including taxes is $90.00.  Location to be determined.  Tripod needed.  8 participants max. each day. Contact Kelly to book. *This is a beginner to intermediate course.  Both days are the same course.  ‘Camera Basics and Foundational Photography’ workshop is a prerequisite.  Cost is $90 (taxes included)

Sunday, April 27, 2014 – Using On Camera Flash (novice/intermediate):DSC_0022-funk

Using on camera flash properly can drastically increase the impact and strength of your images.  Whether it be people, interiors, or even landscape foregrounds this method has merit!  Let me show you the best techniques and tips during this 4 hour workshop.  Speedlights are not a necessity, but do allow for more options.  Topics covered: Balanced exposure, adjusting flash intensity, directional flash, off camera options, close up work, ratios and more.  This is an intermediate workshop.  ‘Camera Basics and Foundational Photography’ is a prerequisite.  Cost, $90 (taxes included)

Sat May 10 and Sunday May 11, 2014 (same material) – Basic portraiture (intermediate/expert)

This year I’ve added another day (same material) to accommodate participants for this popular workshop.DSC_5165 copy

If you’re looking for ways to improve your portrait skills, this is the course for you.  Kelly will concentrate on methods and approaches that will help you make your subjects stand out, whether it is family, friends or even group images.  This 4-hour course will focus on image simplicity, artificial lighting (including pop up flash or speedlights), working with your subject or subjects and depth of field for isolation and composition.  Cost, including taxes is $90.00.  8 participants maximum.  Contact Kelly to book.  *This is an intermediate course.  ‘Camera Basics and Foundational Photography’ is a prerequisite.  Start time and locale TBD.  Cost, $90 (taxes included)

Sunday May 25, 2014 – Spring flowers (novice/intermediate):DSC_2881a-funk

Flowers are in abundance in the spring around Kamloops.  Let Kelly take you on a photographic journey to capture the essence of this colorful time of year.  You’ll learn about the perfect exposure, strong composition and balance, light control, story-telling using depth of field and placement and that simple is most always stronger in your display.  Start times are 0800 and finish at 1200.  A second day (Saturday) may be added depending on demand.  Tripod needed.  8 participants max. Contact Kelly to book.  Location:  Lac du bois.  ‘Camera Basics and Foundational Photography’ is a prerequisite.  Cost, $90 (taxes included)

Sunday, June 8 – Advanced Portraiture (advanced/expert):DSC_6407 copy

This year I’ll be going deeper into the techniques and what it takes to create stellar portraits on locale.  The ‘Basic Portraiture’ workshop is not a necessity but is recommended as this is an advanced to expert workshop.  I’ll be working with speedlights in a beautiful environmental setting, utilizing an activity based model shoot at dusk/night. We’ll be focusing on working with models, light balance, composition and overall impact. If you’re serious about improving your skills don’t miss this one!  Cost, $110 (taxes included)

Sunday June 22, 2014 – Macro (close up) workshop (novice/intermediate):DSC_1500-funk

Macro or close-up photography can be extremely rewarding and fun!  It can also be frustrating at times, dealing with intricate focusing issues, moving subjects, composition and light control.

I’ve designed a new workshop to help you deal with these characteristics and produce stunning close up imagery.

The workshop will be held at TRU in the garden area and be 4 hours in length at the usual cost of $90 (tax included).  You don’t need a macro lens but if you do, great!  You will also need a tripod as the focusing becomes extremely intimate with very little depth of field and finite compositions.  ‘Camera Basics and Foundational Photography’ is a prerequisite.

Join me for a fun filled 4 hours!  Cost, $90 (taxes included)

Sunday, Aug 24, 2014 – Dusk and Evening Urban Landscapes (advanced/expert):DSC_7720 copy

Join me for this dynamic and fast paced workshop, starting with overviews of our beautiful city at dusk and then moving to the downtown core for long exposures and urban scenes.  We’ll finish at TRU with night time architecture.  Please note, this is a late evening workshop, being held on Sunday for safety reasons.  Cost is $90 (taxes included)  ‘Camera Basics and Foundational Photography’ is a prerequisite.  Tripods are needed!

Sunday Oct 05, 2014 – Fall Colors and Large Skies (novice/advanced):

Autumn is an extremely beautiful time of year in the Thompson Okanagan and Kamloops area that needs to be DSC_7601 copyphotographed and showcased.  Kelly will lead you to an area that holds all the elements to allow you to learn what it takes to bring home amazing images.  These workshops will take place in Lac du bois, above Batchelor heights.ve added a second day to accommodate participants both locally and out of town.  Time to be determined.  Cost, including taxes is $90.00.  Tripod needed.  8 participants max. each day.  Contact Kelly to book.  *This is a beginner to intermediate course.  ‘Camera Basics and Foundational Photography’ is a prerequisite.

Cost, $90 (taxes included)


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  1. I am interested in attending the Apri April 27 and May 11th workshops. I note that participants need to take a general workshop first. As I will be travelling to Kamloops to take the courses, can you arrange for a general workshop right before the April 27th workshop. If so, I can register for all three at the same time. PS: where do I register. I didn’t see a spot on this site.

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